Manufacturers of Tree Movers since 1957

Manufacturing of tree movers since 1957

Holt Tree Spades Ltd. Builds 16″ up to 144″ root ball. Loader mounts up to 104″, skid steer mounts up to 52″, excavator mounts up to 74″, truck mounts up to 94″, Some truck mounts have been equipped with a side shift and in out sliders for perfect centering. Trailer tree spade mounts up to 144″, with or with out steering axles, articulated frames and in/out slider frames. All tree spades are built to fit the customer and their needs

Our tree spades are capable of digging in all kinds of soil; sand, dirt, and gravel. Have a look below at some of our best-selling tree spades. 

Holt Tree Spades 2022 builds the strongest and longest lasting tree spades.